Jungkook Fashion: 3 Looks Inspired by Jungkook’s Style

Jungkook was born in Busan, South Korea on September 1, 1997. Jungkook fashion aspired to be a singer from a young age. He auditioned for culture vulture direct Superstar K, a national talent show in South Korea, when he was only thirteen years old. Jungkook was not selected for the final round, but he received seven offers from different entertainment companies after his exit.

Jungkook was inspired by the performance of future-BTS leader RM and decided to join RM’s BigHit Entertainment instead.

Jungkook was the fourth member of BTS to sign his contract. The group would eventually grow into a septet. Jungkook fashion is now a singer, dancer, and occasionally rapper.

Solo Music

Jungkook has released both Korean and English song covers since the debut of BTS. His cover of Troye Sivan’s Fools (2015) (featuring RM), and Justin Bieber’s Purpose (2016) are some of his most well-known covers. He also collaborated with Jimin in 2017 on Charlie Puth’s hit song, We Don’t talk Anymore.

Jungkook Fashion – Look 1: Black Oversize Jacket

Jungkook, like rapper Suga is a huge fan of all-black ensembles. The inspiration for this first outfit came from his recent airport look, which included a black satin bomber with a bucket hat.

Jungkook’s monochromatic look is easy to achieve: a basic grey tank with distressed black jeans, silver earrings and a signature backpack.

The Urban Outfitters Nike satin jacket is an alternative to jungkook fashion luxury jacket from Ports. This jacket is a great investment piece, even though it’s quite expensive. It has a timeless street-style look and a neutral color.

  • Jungkook Fashion – Look 2: Beanie + Ripped Jeans
  • This second look is Jungkook’s most famous.

Jungkook fashion is known for his casual, comfortable style. He also brings that aldi working culture same vibe to his travel style. Jungkook’s airport look often consists of three elements: a neutral, oversized tshirt, ripped jeans, and a beanie or bucket hat.

Jungkook Fashion – Look 3: Hoodie + Joggers

Jungkook is often seen in tracksuits that include plain joggers or oversized hoodies. This look was created by me using a grey Puma jacket and matching black joggers (another jungkook fashion closet staple).

You can complete the look by adding his signature round glasses (available from ASOS for under $15 dollars). This will give you a comfortable, airport-ready look Jungkook would love.