Preppy Styles for Men

Are you able to find a navy blazer in your closet? How about a polo shirt (or two)? Chinos? You’re well on your way to mastering the biggest trend of spring 2022, the chinos. Let’s get to know men’s preppy style. This all-encompassing style effortlessly blends timeless styles with bright colors and a touch of irreverence. This is all about casual wear and a relaxed approach to formalwear. Aim for the top, prepsters! Grab a seat (G&T optional), and find space in your closet to add modern twists to classics.

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The Origins of the Preppy Aesthetic

All things prep have stood the test of time, despite fashion trends changing all the time. Preppy style for men is an integral part our wardrobe. We have modern updates and timeless classics. This is how modern-day athleisure wear was born. What about those loungewear essentials or jogger sets that you’ve been wearing for the past few years? Although they may look street-style, their origins are all prep. It’s not just your leisurewear that you are wearing on repeat these days. The navy sports jacket you wear to work, for interviews, and on date nights? The prep movement is also responsible for this navy sports coat.

“Preppy clothes are made to last because they won’t go out-of-style.” Lisa Birnbach

British Preppy Style for Men

Students from Cambridge and Oxford universities inspired modern business and casual wear. British preppy style is all about mixing sportswear with professorial pieces such as tweed blazers. The way men dress has changed dramatically over the past century thanks to this clever mixing and matching. It laid the foundation for many types of business attire and prep styles. Barbour jackets and blazers are the best-sellers. Plaids, tweeds, and woven wool reign supreme.

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80s Preppy Style For Men

Over the course of the 20th century, the prep movement gained prominence in men’s fashion. American prepsters were appearing all over the country, including President John F. Kennedy. Styles were also seen on campus, at the office, and at the stadium. The 80s were a time of preppy fashion. The boundaries of fashion for men grew in this era, which is known for its bold designs. The emergence of Ralph Lauren sportswear designers made it possible to afford luxury in brightly-colored polos and crew-neck sweaters.

Southern Preppy Style for Men

Let’s go south to Palm Beach. This wealthy Florida city is the perfect place to start your southern preppy style. Here, you will find the coastal elements of preppy style for men. This southern sensibility is characterized by pastel colors and light materials. Madras and Seersucker are two key fabrics that provide a lot of sophistication and polish while also keeping you cool. These light cottons are great for warm-weather outfits because they are breathable. Are you looking for traditional plaids and stripes that are now suitable for summer? Sign us up!

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Preppy Style for Men: Clothing For Every Season

Do you know how preppy styles made their way onto the sartorial stage? It’s time to break this down by season. It’s easy to incorporate men’s preppy styles all year. Prepsters are always on the move, so staying active is key. Prepsters have the advantage of designers who have reimagined their preppy wardrobes to suit all climates and occasions. We have you covered, no matter what the weather may bring.