Proposing to your boyfriend or girlfriend is among the very Stressful occasions a person will undergo.

Most men spend a Reasonable Quantity of time obsessing over mens wedding band with trees and looking for the ideal one for their soon-to-be half.

This implies online research and excursions to local jewellery Shops, which always includes fending off high pressure sales people that wish you to spend more than you’d intended.

Now, there is nothing wrong with This Type of wedding ring, Provided that it is the one that you desire. However, even in the event that you purchase a very simple ring, it needs to be well-fitted and comfy, and it ought to match your own style.

Talking of that, I use a 4mm Platinum, somewhat curved, Traditional fit wedding ring in size 7.5. And in case you’ve got no idea about what any of the means, you may at the end of this manual.

Kinds of BANDS

To begin with, you will want to choose the kind of wedding ring. There Are four choices:


Here is the traditional wedding ring. It is plain without a Stones, carvings or additional accessories.

Timeless and traditional, this is among the most popular Choices for guys. These rings have a slick, classic design.


This is a contemporary twist on the timeless appearance. Rather than a Smoother curved silhouette, these rings have a beveled design with etched borders.

Many men think they look more manly or simply more Interesting than the traditional curved form.


Want something somewhat flashier? Diamond wedding rings are a Popular option.

There aren’t any particular rules . Diamond rings can have a Single diamond, a row of diamonds or other diamond layouts. As you may expect, the diamonds utilized, the more expensive the ring will probably cost.


These rings are made from unconventional metals such as Ceramic or cobalt chrome.

Edges are often rounded or beveled. Choice wedding Rings tend to be preferred by men who wear bracelets, rings, and other contemporary jewelry.


Rings can be produced out of medical-grade silicone. These rings Are fantastic for busy lifestyles since they fit very securely and can not become snagged on clothes or other loose items. Besides, it is easy to wear gloves without needing to take off your ring.

They are a Fantastic choice for food service employees, Firefighters, police offices and a number of other active professionals.

Kinds of METAL

Let us be fair here. In the Event That You had to select an Perfect metal for Your ring, you would select adamantium.

Unfortunately, this virtually indestructible metal alloy Only exists at the fictional Marvel world — at least for today. However, you still have loads of alternatives to select from.


Platinum is among the most Well-known metals used in circles, That is somewhat ironic as it is among the rarest elements found in the earth’s crust.

This white/silver metal is lasting, sophisticated and hypoallergenic. It almost never triggers any rash or other skin irritation.

When shopping for a ring, then do not be surprised if You’ve Got a Hard time locating one produced from 100% . Most platinum rings are 95% nickel using the rest 5% comprising different metals.

That mix does not impact the Appearance or attributes of The ring however is often considerably less costly than a 100% ring.


Palladium is a metal found inside the platinum family. As You may expect, the 2 metals seem and feel quite similar. Palladium is silver-white and tender.

You may hear palladium Known as “the poor person’s platinum.” But do not worry, this mainly pertains to palladium’s lesser price. Palladium is somewhat thinner than platinum, but it is still powerful and durable.


This alloy Is Made of gold plated with rhodium, a gentle Metal located at the palladium household. Well, most white gold is plated with rhodium.