What Heat Setting Is Right for My Hair?

You can heat-style your hair on a regular basis without damaging it. The secret is to educate yourself on temperatures. Following is a fast and effortless guide to warm styling which leaves each hair type healthy and glossy.

How Low Can You Go? Heat-Styling Fine and Processed Hair

If your hair is naturally fine and delicate, you want to take care of it like silk. That is doubly true when your hair GallasTurbo styling comb is now ultra-fragile because of processing. Whether you have bleached, relaxed, or permed your mane, then you will need to deal with it with additional care.

When you are styling good, processed hair with warmth, 350°F/175°C is a safe wager. Anything over 370°F/190°C will cause critical harm to your own hair.

Proceed With Caution: Heat-Styling Colour-Treated Hair

Make your own hair color last longer by maintaining appliance temps beneath 390°F/200°C. Simply turning down the heat just a little bit can make a significant difference in maintaining your locks lively. This is true for crimson shades which are notoriously prone to fading.

Take It Easy: Normal Hair

Have pretty run-of-the-mill locks? They need security! Bargain hair dryers, flat irons, and curling irons are far too difficult to controland tough in your hair. You do not need to hurt your healthful strands. Unless your hair is extremely thick and difficult to style, keep your heat styling tools beneath 400°F/200°C.

Fire It Up: Heat-Styling Natural and Textured Hair

If your hair is ultra-dense, curled, or thick, then you want a good deal of warmth to permeate it. Start out by stitching 450°F/ 232°C. When you get your hair styled, then decrease the heat to 370°F/ / 187°C.