What You Need For An Added Spark in Marriage

A person once said that love is in essence saying, ‘I know you’, whereas desire is saying ‘I want to know you.’

When you have been with someone for many years or have been married for a long time, many people state that the spark that was once there will have faded. Being overly familiar with someone, it is hard to find anything new to feel excited about. This doesn’t mean that you don’t love your partner any less; it just means that you have gotten used to them.

Of course, there is a way that you can add that initial spark back to your marriage. So, read on to learn more about what you need to do so!


It is worth noting that one of the easiest ways to add a spark back into your marriage is with some toys. Not the Barbie kind, but the adult kind.

Yes, adding sex toys to your bedroom repertoire can be exciting and fun to try out, and the market is huge, so it is highly likely that you and your partner will find something that you can both enjoy. Need to know where to go to find the right toys? Head to Wet For Her for some ideas!


Online today, and even in shops, there is a range of massage oils available. Yes, while most people associate adding a spark back to their marriage is based around sex, another easier way to do it is with a sensual touch. This is ideal if you or your partner have health limitations relating to sex but still want to rekindle the flame.

Aim to buy a range of different oils to help in your bedroom activities. That way, you will have a range of different aromas to try out, and you will be able to try a different oil each day to refresh your skin.


Erotic books are not a new concept. While some people lean in a 50 Shades direction, for others, such literature is boring and unrealistic. One way to add spice is to read books about sex specifically, such as those written by sex therapist Tracey Cox. Or why not go one step further and invest in your own copy of the Kama Sutra? That will provide you with a lot of fun things to try, as well as some very saucy images to look at too!


Reigniting the flame is not all about sex and can be started with something as simple as going on dates. This will give you time away from your home, pets, or kids to talk to each other. Aim to go on dates at least once a month, which will give you something to look forward to and get dressed up for.

Notes or Letters

Who says you have to stop sending love letters or notes when you get married? In fact, reminding the person that you married why you love them or why you find them sexycan be all that is needed to add a spark. It could make your spouse’s day.