How to Style “White Booties”

Hello Friends! Let’s talk boots. I am talking specifically about white booties. I am currently revamping my guide to booties, so keep checking back. But today, I think white booties deserve their own moment. My first pair of white booties was purchased over five years ago. I have been wearing them since then. This shoe is neutral and can be worn with almost any outfit. It is also a standout shoe that adds an extra dimension to any outfit. They look great with jeans, dresses and even pants. I love wearing them in all-white winter looks.

In 2019, white booties were the “it” thing. They were everywhere. They were the shoe everyone wanted and they were always sold out in stores. The trend was a great success and I was glad they were able to continue it. White booties, unlike many trends, have been a staple in my wardrobe. They are a staple in my wardrobe and I don’t see myself ever getting rid of them.

I have learned a lot about how to style them over the years and what to look out for when buying a pair. Now that it’s officially autumn, I thought I would share some of my favorite styling tips for white booties.

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My white booties have been worn with both shorts and dresses during the warmer months, and with pants during the cooler months. My booties are most useful in the autumn, winter, and early spring. They can also be worn in summer, but I prefer an open-toed shoe to a bootie during those months. They are so comfortable and easy to wear by August that I am eager to get them back for another season.

Which shade of white should I choose?

My first pair white booties was a cool, stark white. That pair is still my favorite. These ivory booties were purchased a few years back. These booties are a bit warmer and can be worn with more outfits. Each shade has its place and I still wear them both, but I recommend buying a lighter tone (like ivory) if only you want one pair of boots. The ivory booties look great with every outfit. Cool, white booties stand out more. The stark white booties are the most difficult to style, so I often have to create an outfit around them. However, the ivory booties can easily complement an outfit I already have.


I have only ever purchased white leather boots. Leather is more durable than suede and won’t stain as easily. Scotchguard is recommended to prevent permanent staining if you want white suede boots.

You may be wondering if your white leather booties can get stained or dirty. The answer is yes. However, if they are treated well they will last for many years. They are as easy to care for as my other leather boots. I have had to remove some scuffs over the years. Leather conditioner can be used to remove stubborn stains.

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When wearing white boots, there are three things I want to keep in mind. The first is that the boot’s heel, shaft, and sole should be of the same material. While there are many options for white booties with a woodblock heel, they can be very cute. However, wood block heels and other colors tend to be more casual. All-white boots are more elegant and can be worn up or down.

Second, I recommend looking for booties that have pointed toes. While I am aware that square-toe and rounded-toe boots are back in fashion, the pointed toe will remain a classic for many years. The pointed toe is flattering for almost everyone, and creates a longer look.

A white bootie can be worn with many outfits. I prefer to wear it with a light-wash jean or white clothing. The bootie brings out the white in my outfit. It brings the whole look together. Sometimes I will wear a white bootie and an all-black outfit to create a dramatic look.

Are you looking for the perfect bootie?

Here are some pairs I am considering buying this season. I wear the Ulani pointed toe bootie in its older version all the time. Ulani booties are the ivory booties that I mentioned earlier. These booties are more ivory than true-white, so I wear them most. These are a great pair for those looking for something under $100. These are great additions for any closet.

Here are some of my favourite white bootie looks over the years. Let me know what look you prefer!

There are a few things that I look out for when buying a blazer. It should be just a little too big. This is because it makes it difficult to layer, and you are limited in the options of what material you can wear. It can also overwhelm me if it is too large. Although I understand that Gen Z likes to wear oversized clothes, I don’t love the way it looks on me.

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