How to choose the right pendant?

Meta title: What pendant to choose for a necklace?

Meta description: We have a complete guide that will aid you in making an informed decision on which pendant model to purchase.

It is often difficult to choose between the jewelry pendants available in stores. This guide will help you select the best product based on the type of material, size and color of the chain as well as the stones that are adorning it.

Do you prefer a gold or silver pendant?

When picking a pendant to wear for women, the most important thing to take into consideration is the materials it is composed of. Jewelers usually offer silver, gold, or gold-plated pendants.

Gold is the most commonly used alloy because it is both strong and versatile. It’s possible Fashion Advice to change the hue of any alloy yellow, pink, or white. Although 9-karat gold is less costly than 18 karat gold, it is the most expensive.

You can choose silver when you are on a tight budget, but want to buy high quality jewelry. Silver is a precious metal that is undisputed in its aesthetic advantages. But, it needs to be regularly maintained to keep the tarnishing.

If you are looking for jewelry that shows the beauty of gold without compromising on the cost, gold plating is the best bet. This is a silver jewel that has been lightly coated with the thin layer of gold. Much less expensive than gold, it is still required to be brought back to the jewelry shop regularly for regular maintenance.

Necklaces made of stones

Many pendants are adorned with one or more stones inside the bezel, which is either silver or gold. However, precious stones need to be distinguished from semiprecious stones.

Precious stones

Precious stones are the best known and are four in the number. The diamond is the most sought-after, and is recognized for its brilliance as well as its generally white color (although there are colored diamonds, which are rarer). Three other precious stones are a part of women’s jewelry including sapphire (with an intense blue hue) as well as Fashion Emerald (recognizable by its bright green color) and ruby (and its deep red). The stones are diverse in their quality and the four components can vary the price of the jewelry that are the weight (in carats), the color, the purity and the size (the way in which the stone was cut).

Semi-precious stones

If you’re looking for a bit more original alternatives or you have a budget that isn’t enough semi-precious stones can be an option. While some semi-precious stones can be easily copied (emerald garnet, topaz and emerald) however, some have more unique shades. Amethyst is one of the most famous fine stones. We also have lapis lazuli and lapis in addition to mother-of pearl and moonstone.

The best chain for your pendant

After you have selected the pendant you love It is important to locate the right chain to match your style, your wishes and requirements. The length of the chain is among the primary criteria to be considered.

If you plan to wear your pendant every day, it is advisable to opt for the Princess necklace, the size of which can vary between 42 and 45 centimeters. The chain that stops at the level of your shoulder blades is most loved, even though you prefer the Matinee necklace that is a bit longer.

It is not recommended that the length of the necklace should be shorter than the length of the neck. It is still possible to pick a pendant in proportion to the length of the chain.

Which chain link is most robust?

All types of links are designed to be strong, but the strongest link is the convict link, which makes it possible to make thin chains that do not break easily. The most common mesh is the convict link, however Venetian mesh is also a popular option. It is extremely strong and durable.