“Double Nose Piercing”

It’s better to have two than one

You don’t need to have one piercing in the nose. Why limit yourself? Double nose piercings are one of the most popular trends in today’s modified world. Two nostril piercings are a great way to express your style without too much pain.

Standard Nostril is the body modification that is pierced in the curve of one nostril. It’s a single piercing done in the natural crease your nostrils.

Double Nose piercing Professional

Double Nostril: Two holes are made with the first one being higher than the second. This requires a professional and strategic piercer to avoid hitting nerve structures.

Double nose piercings look great on all faces. If you have already had your first one done, you are more than ready for another round. However, it is Celebrity Pink Jeans suggested that you do them separately to make the aftercare process easier. For a more symmetrical look, you can have two piercings on either one or both sides of your nose.

You can choose whether your double nose piercing is on one or both sides. High nostril piercings can be performed slightly higher than the standard and offer a new way to style your nose.

Our professional piercer, James from American Skin Art in Buffalo NY, performs Liz’s second nose piercing. Watch as he carefully measures Liz’s nose to ensure the best placement. Doubles that aren’t straight don’t work, right? You can!

Liz shares her thoughts on having two nose piercings rather than one.

They are very basic piercings. After you have both, you will want to do another piercing to level it out.

It’s a great point, and we all know that piercings can quickly become addictive. It’s likely that you will want to have a full-face of metal by the time you get it. Liz had this to say:

If you don’t like the result, go to a professional piercer.

This is our number one tip. We will end this blog post with it. A professional piercer is your friend. Because everyone has a different nose, it is best to find someone who is skilled and can help you get the best placement possible for your new piercing.

You don’t know how you can style two versus one? These tips will help you get started as a nose ring fashionista. You can use the standard nose hoop or go wild with multiple styles.