White Crocs: Benefit Cosmetics

White Crocs continues its tradition of major collaborations by forming a new partnership with Benefit Cosmetics.

Two white crocs styles will be created by the two brands — the Classic Clog (or Classic Sandal) — which combine Benefit’s practicality and comfort with Benefit’s lighthearted and fun ethos. These styles are inspired by the jelly shoe trend and ’90s nostalgia. Both styles feature glitter and are available in Benefit’s pink signature color. These shoes come with Jibbitz charms (called Jibbitz), which feature Benefit’s motto (“Laughter IS the Best Cosmetic”), a Benefit mirror compact, and pink gems.

Styles of white crocs

Heidi Cooley is white crocs’ senior vice president and chief market officer. “We’re tapping into the energy and excitement of the unexpected, while creating footwear that is memorable for our fans.

After a social media giveaway that was a success, the brands collaborated on this collaboration. Jennifer Whipple (Vice President of U.S. Marketing at Benefit Cosmetics), stated that Benefit had 14,000 Instagram followers, received twice the likes and four-times the comments on the giveaway post about white crocs than other giveaways Benefit has run. The giveaway also saw white crocs gain 10,000 Instagram followers, according to Whipple.

Whipple stated that Benefit’s slogan since 1976 was “laughter is best cosmetic.” just like Benefit, is a brand that values fun, individuality, and self-expression. Both of us want to make our communities smile through everything we do, and this Double Nose Piercing collection is designed to do just that.”

Benefit x is the latest collaboration in a long list of partnerships that the footwear brand has made over the past few years. Over the past year, white crocs has teamed up with many celebrities, including Justin Bieber and Post Malone. The brand launched its second collaboration with Balenciaga in June to create a high-heeled Classic Clog style. It debuted at the house’s spring 2022 runway shows.

Cooley stated that collaborations are an important part of our brand strategy as they allow us to capitalize upon the tension surrounding our brand. Cooley said, “We are imaginative and innovative as brands and look for collaborations to drive excitement. They also allow us to reach new customers who may not have considered before.

Benefit x white crocs collaboration available to purchase starting July 13, at noon EST, The Classic Clog is available for $69.99, while the Classic Sandal costs $49.99.