A Guide to “Gold Balloons” Decoration

A simple room can be transformed into a beautiful celebration space by using gold balloons. The room is filled with colour thanks to the addition of table arrangements. These arrangements look great at the entrance, on top of the dance floor, or scattered around the room.

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Although gold balloon decoration can seem difficult, it is possible to achieve professional results by taking a few minutes to read these guidelines.

You can watch our video demonstration on Youtube of how to make balloon decorations

Gold Balloons Colors

The magic of gold balloons is amazing. They instantly set the theme for the celebration and transform rooms quickly and economically. These are Itachi headband some color combinations:


Mixture of primary colours, mixed hues of blues and pinks, or combinations of two or more colours.


As a base, gold, silver and ivory are often used. These combinations are beautiful:

  • Pastels: pink, green, ivory, lilac
  • Ivory and Magenta
  • Pale Pink and Ivory
  • Ivory and Lilac
  • Shades of blue
  • Ivory and gold
  • Purple and lilac
  • Burgundy and Gold
  • Red and Ivory
  • Silver, white and lilac
  • Pale pink and white
  • It looks amazing in all white or ivory
  • There are many other options.

Christenings gold balloons

  • The most popular combinations are pale pink, pale blue, and white.
  • Balloon decorations made of Helium (floating) Minimum quantities

Table Decorations:

Three latex balloons or two foil-gold balloons are recommended per decoration. Three is a good number for latex. Anything more than that can cause decoration to look too flat. Foil balloons can be made in different shapes, and they are much larger than latex balloons. Therefore, two foil balloons per table is a good idea.

Floor Decorations gold balloons

We recommend at least five latex-gold balloons per decoration, and no less than three foils. Odd numbers look better than even. There are always more balloons, but once you have seven balloons, you will just take up space and not add much to the effect.