Graduations and other special “Ocasions”

How to get organized for birthdays, graduations and other special ocasions

We have all been there. It seems like a distant birthday, but it’s not. Although your nephew’s graduation is still months away, the days seem to be creeping up on you ocasions. You’re stuck shopping for or making last-Sam jacket minute gifts. You know what? People can see if you don’t put any thought into a gift. They will know if you give them something that is completely wrong.

Here are some tips to help you organize for those special ocasions.

It is important to occasion keep a list of important birthdays and anniversaries in a prominent location and to update it frequently.

Did your niece just get married? Add the anniversary of your niece to your list! Have you seen your sister welcoming a baby into the world. You can add the birthday immediately so you don’t have to wait.

You can buy a set of cards or a box with blank all ocasions cards.

My mother-in law and step-mother always have cards. My step-mom prefers to mail occasion-specific cards but my mother-in law often sends all-occasion cards. They’re sweet. Personally, I prefer handwritten messages like the ones they send me over a simple greeting card sentiment that’s signed “Love, Dad.” Our parents are excellent at writing sweet notes for special occasions.

A list of gift ideas to keep your family and friends informed is a good idea.

This has been a great help over the years. Your friend may have mentioned the nail salon where she goes. You can make a note of her name and give her a gift voucher for her birthday. Add to your gift list any tool or gadget your husband would like. Do not wait too long. If you wait longer than a few days to add notes to your list, you will forget.

Keep a gift log for the entire year

Sometimes you may find the perfect gift months ahead of time. You may find the perfect gift months in advance. Keep good records of what gifts you have purchased and for whom. Track the dollar amount you spend on each person if you have a set amount.

Make a list with unique cash gifts

Cash is sometimes the best gift, let’s face it. Is it really possible that the graduate in your life would like another copy of “Oh, The Places You’ll Go!” Most likely not. Most likely not. Boring! It can be put in a container that is creative or folded into something beautiful.