How to Sell Loose Diamonds at Favourable Prices

Diamonds symbolize class and refinement since it is a very appealing, rare and versatile resource. It also has several uses in the fields of science, design, and manufacturing. They are further considered as great investments. Whether you have a piece, or it exists in a piece of jewellery you own, you can still sell loose diamonds and get cashback. The buyers of the loose diamond are, however, few. Traditionally, people exchange diamonds for money to diamond dealers, brick and motor stores and pawn shops.

Online Sale of Loose Diamonds

Diamond retailers profit by buying them at a lower price and selling at a higher price to make profits. People are always peaky when it comes to the quality of diamonds. Most want quality pieces that are likely to land them more clients. Lastly, loose diamonds can also be sold robert taylor photography online to buyers who, unlike retailers, may pay the total cost of the diamonds. Online diamond buyers have increased in number over time. Their online sales give the seller more money than selling the same pieces in traditional retails.

Benefits of Online Diamond Sale

  1. Higher Offers

When selling diamonds online, some factors that increase or reduce their price don’t affect  the retailer and owner. This is mainly because online sellers and buyers do not incur costs on running stores. Online buyers, therefore, pay higher amounts and offer more competitive prices.

  1. No Travel

Unlike going to the pawnshop and other traditional points of selling loose diamonds, online selling can be done from your home. All one needs to do with online buyers is to send them for appraisal and wait for an offer from the interested persons.

  1. No Requirements

When selling diamond pieces online, there are no rules on what the quality should be. Therefore, online buyers can buy any diamonds.

  1. Less Time to Sell.

Online buyers do not have retail and customer care concerns to deal with during the purchase. This, therefore, means that the appraisal of the diamond pieces takes place taste hence making it possible to sell them within 24 hours.

The value of a loose diamond

The prices at which a loose diamond is sold id determined by several factors. The price of selling a diamond piece depends on its appearance, quality, desirability and shape. The price of a diamond piece should therefore be charged as per the appraisal. Distinct categories used to know the value of loose diamond include:

  • Cut- this is the diamond’s appearance due to how it is shaped and faceted.
  • Carat- this is the weight of the diamond.
  • Colour- this refers to the shades of the diamond and the richness.
  • Clarity- refers to how flawless the piece is.


Several parameters determine the price at which you can sell a diamond piece you own. Most people sell diamonds online to buyers who offer higher prices for the pieces without any overhead costs. They also do not have restrictions and requirements to fulfil to sell the diamond. There are, however, some factors that are considered when pricing loose diamonds. Sellers are usually asked to provide details such as the carat weight, colour, shape, clarity and shape. The buyers ensure the diamond goes through appraisal then purchase them. This makes it easy to sell the diamonds since you can do so from any setting and location.