Match with Mum on Mother’s Day and Beyond

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching. We are looking for the perfect present to recognize our Mums and all that they have done to make this possible. This is a huge challenge. After all, how can presents get near the girl who fed and loved us? She also gave us unconditional love and hugs if we were hurt. And, more than anything, she puts our health and well-being before theirs.

What are we getting when we use the same strategy but wrap it in trendy novelty? You get trendy glasses that protect your eyes with the latest eye health protection products! These glasses are more than just for seeing better. They are fashionable and can be used to prevent long-term eye problems.

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Take a look online at the latest classic styles of glasses to meet your mum and make her feel fashionable.

Clear Cat Eye Frames
Arise Collective Virginia Blue Light 025

Clear transparent frames are very much in fashion today. These frames are versatile and can be worn with many of Mum’s outfits. This versatile accessory can be combined with a timeless and modern silhouette like a cat-eye to keep your eyes healthy.

Converse CV5022Y Children 260

Transparent cat eye-glasses like these Converse children’s eyeglasses will make your Mummy the favorite. These glasses are made of acetate, a durable, waterproof and lightweight material. Vision Direct’s blue light block zFORT(tm), which protects your eyes while you are using the telephone, can be used to transform them into blue light glasses.

Aviator glasses in gold
Ray-Ban RX6489 2500

Ray-Ban originally created Aviator Sunglasses for fighter pilots. They feature the iconic teardrop shape that provides complete protection to their eyes. The glasses also cover their lips. Ray-Ban is the original and will continue to be the most fashionable.