Naruto Wedding: Konohamaru Records a congratulatory Message


Konohamaru records Sakura’s congratulatory message for naruto wedding & Hinata’s marriage. Sakura makes Sai record a message. Although he isn’t sure that he can communicate himself in this way, he forces him to do so. Sai is too stiff and forced. Tenten finds it a little too congratulatory for Lee’s high-spirited message.

He quickly spots the perpetrators, and when they attempt to claim they were playing hide and seek, he tricks them into confessing to vandalism, which impresses Sadoru. Iruka says that it was nothing compared to the naruto marriage. Sadoru is pleased, but the vandals think that he’s lying, so Iruka increases their punishment. Iruka thinks about Naruto’s village view. Iruka is invited for an exam to become vice-principal in the Academy.

Naruto Wedding Perfect Wedding Day Message Finale

Fans will have to say farewell to “Naruto Shippuden”, the most popular anime series. The last episode will air on March 23. Fans are equally excited about the much-anticipated wedding of the anime hero.

Hinata was informed about the problems surrounding her wedding reception in the previous episode. Lord Sixth sent the ninjas out to find the perfect gift. This would determine who will attend.

She learned about the difficulties of the younger Craigslist EL Paso Ninja in choosing who will guard the village and go to the naruto wedding. She also felt that Iruka was having difficulty communicating the right message to the couple.

Hinata became frustrated by all of these concerns and told Lord Sixth that she may just forget about the wedding reception because not everyone could attend. Kakashi promised her that he would find a solution to the problem and he did.

Gaara offered to let him guard their village by allowing him to ask for a favor. Gaara agreed to his suggestion, and Kakashi felt relieved that they would help.

Episode 500 of “Naruto Shippuden” will feature the wedding of Naruto (and Hinata) Naruto wedding will cause some wedding jitters. The followers are also kept informed about the gifts that the wedding couple will receive, especially since all their friends wanted the best gift for them in previous episodes.

The trailer’s voice-over sounds as if Iruka finally has the ability to send his congratulations message, but it also sounds like a tribute. He stated that he felt Naruto and him were very similar in their circumstances, particularly being an orphan in their younger days.

He stated that despite being naruto wedding teacher he felt like they were close friends. He said that Naruto is now a Shinobi Hero and that he is proud of it.

In the final episode of Naruto Shippuden, expect a touching moment between Naruto (and Hinata) As they wait for the ceremony, both of them will be able to remember their loved ones Neji (Naruto’s father) as well as Naruto.