Atif Aslam Wedding Pics: By College Sweethearts To Soulmates

Atif Aslam is 1 singer whose music transcends Past boundaries of not only two South Asian countries but also round the seven seas. He turned into a heartthrob of countless fans across the world along with his soul-touching vocals that abandoned the listeners mesmerised. This gifted young Pakistani singer acquired a good foothold among Indian music fans right out of his early school days when he shaped his music group. It was during college he met woman who he fell in love ; the Atif aslam wedding pics were beautiful one also. Any idea who she is? Here is some info concerning the Atif Aslam wedding plus a few intriguing tidbits.

The Growth Of Atif Aslam

Atif was created in Wazirabad, Pakistan previously in 1983. Regardless of having an admirer of songs, he did not have some serious plans of creating a livelihood from it, and that he was really considering becoming a cricketer. At one stage, he was selected to symbolize the Pakistani cricket team from the under-19 World Cup. However, in spite of his magical for a bowler, he can do little to conceal the mojo of the bewitching voice. Encouraged by friends and well-wishers, he began singing as a hobby and finally met a particular Goher Mumtaz throughout his alliance, who shared a similar curiosity. The two formed a group named’Jal’ using their own pocket money, and recorded their first tunes. The tunes were hits and became hugely popular. That marked the start of Atif’s music profession. Even though the band split afterwards, Atif had laid the foundation of his music MAXI DRESS FOR WEDDING career, and there was no looking back since there on.

Meeting Sara with atif aslam wedding pics

Believe it or not, any plans of an Atif aslam wedding pics have been held off until he attained victory. So who is the woman who waited eight years ?

Well, Atif went to perform his higher research from Government University at Lahore. He had formed his group and set the base for a thriving career in the audio market. It was about this time he met a gorgeous woman named Sara Bharwana, that was also pursuing her high studies from precisely the exact same university. Guess Atif was overrun with her flawless beauty, and sang a tune or 2 to woo her! In any event, both became great pals.

Sara is a daughter of an ex-policeman, and she’s Belonged to the state of Punjabthe exact same state to that Atif belonged. They hit it off immediately and began dating each other. Despite staying active with his music career and traveling the world for displays, he always remained committed to his school sweetheart who had by that time left a career for himself as an educationalist at Lahore.

It’s said their families were conscious of Their connection but it was in late 2012 they made a formal disclosure in their houses. By late 2012, it was over eight years because they’d met, and so it had been high-time to get a Sara Bharwana Atif Aslam wedding. Since their households were fine with the game, the long-time love-birds finally made a decision to get hitched in March 2013.

The Atif aslam wedding pics

So that the Sara Bharwana Atif Aslam wedding has been Happening, and it had been marriage time for a few of the most common Pakistani singer ever. The cards were published and the date has been put — 29th March 2013. The group had a mehndi and marriage ceremony, which have been followed closely by reception parties for acquaintances and friends in the business. The marriage festivities were kicked-off using all the mehndi ceremonies held in Lahore. The duo looked resplendent with Sara wearing a orange colored sharara using a purple colored embellished dupatta. For the first minutes of the service, Atif was wearing a pale grey kurta with a black sleeveless coat and pagdi. But after, he paired the color palette along with his fiancĂ©e by sporting a purple color kurta and a orange colored pagdi.

For your Sara Bharwana Atif Aslam wedding, Sara Wore a maroon coloured lehenga with greatly decorated gold vases. She was also sporting a few traditional Pakistani wedding jewelry, richly studded with emeralds. Atif has been observed in an off white color sherwani with a few sequin work along with a fitting pagdi. The marriage was followed by a ton of receptions held in Lahore and specific other places for family members and friends. The newly-weds were largely found in western attires in addition to Atif even sporting a tuxedo at one of those receptions with Sara decked in a gorgeous white dress with wavy frills.

Each of the events were attended by numerous Pakistani dignitaries, and it was really a joyous affair. Because Atif is a singer , the guests did not have to look too much for parties, and Atif staged and shook a leg in the majority of the ceremonies, which makes it a memorable occasion.

Life Beyond

The couple has witnessed a Joyful run using their Wedding, and instantly after tying the knot, Sara was spotted accompanying her. Singer hubby to events and shows. Only a year after their marriage March 2014they had been blessed with a boy whom they called Ahad. Recently, we Have seen a meteoric rise in popularity and fame of Atif. He’s also been the Receiver of Tamgha-e-Imtiaz or Medal of Distinction, that’s the greatest civilian award of Pakistan. Sara is famous to be occupied with her job while Devoting ample time for her family too. Guess 2016 are the year that Would mark 10 decades of both Sara and Atif’s togetherness. We expect and want this Amazingly adorable few many years of prosperity and happiness.