Ross Gift Card: Where to Buy?

Roses dress for less is a favorite store that sells items at a discount price. It is one the most affordable retail stores in America. You can even get a Ross gift card to improve your shopping experience.

Where to Purchase Ross Gift Cards?

Ross does not sell gift cards online through any third-party reseller. Ross gift cards can be purchased online or in your local Ross store. They are available in-store or online and range from $10 to $150.

You can also buy by visiting a Ross store close to you

No-replacement regulations apply regardless of whether the gift card owner has a receipt or a unique number. Only if you have the original receipt, can you get a replacement Ross card.

You can select from four pre-selected denominations for gift cards of up to $100 value: $10, $25 and $50. Or you can pick a custom amount of up to $150.

List of stores that do not sell Ross gift cards

  • Giant Eagle
  • Gift Card Mall
  • Jewel-Osco
  • Albertsons
  • Amazon
  • BJ’s Wholesale Club
  • Costco

The best thing about purchasing Gift cards through They are sent via email with instructions on how you can use them at checkout. There are no additional processing fees.

Step-by-Step Guide to Gift Card Balance Inquiry

You can find out the balance of your Ross gift cards online, or in a Ross store near you, if you are looking for Ross discounts on expensive items.

  • In-store, check the balance of your Ross gift card
  • Store Locator allows you to locate the addresses of local stores and then visit them.
  • For basic information about your card, contact a member the staff.
  • Enter your state name or zip code into the search bar, and click the “Search” button.
  • Ask them to check the balance of your gift certificate.
  • You can check the balance of your Ross gift card by phone
  • Here’s how to check the balance of your gift certificate over the phone.
  • Attention to the instructions for customer service.
  • Ask the customer service representative about your balance.
  • Just enter your card number, and then wait. You will receive your gift card balance.
  • You can contact them online if you have any further questions.

How to make use of Ross Gift Card Leftover Funds?

Unused gift card credit can be taken over by government as unclaimed cash, or returned to the shop after a set period.

You don’t have any obligation to spend the money on your card no matter how little it is. You can use any remaining gift card money you don’t need to convert into cash or in any other way that you like.

Redeem your card balance

The retailer will refund the difference on the next time you visit their store. Ross states that customers in California may get their money back if their gift card balance is less than $10

Even if the gift card is worth very little, it can reduce the purchase price

  • Reload your money

After you have spent all of your money, you can’t reload your gift card balance with a non-reloadable one. Many businesses offer cash-back options for customers who have money remaining on their gift cards.

  • Kiosk – Exchange your card

You can exchange gift cards that are not used for cash at the kiosk. If you do not wish to use your Ross gift card, you can exchange it online or at a kiosk for another card.

You can use it at any other retail store

You can use the gift card money you have left over at one of the retailer partner stores. You may be eligible to use gift card funds at partner stores if the retailer that gave you the gift card has them.

  • Give your card to someone

Even if the card isn’t used, you can give it away to your family and friends, or to certain non-profit organizations in your area.

  • Sell your card online

You can do this on many different websites or in a particular store. You should keep in mind that you cannot get the exact same amount of money or the exact same price if the card is sold.

There are limitations when you use a Gift Card by Ross?

Ross is America’s third-largest off-price retailer, but lacks the infrastructure necessary to support the needs of average users. Here are some of the limitations to Ross gift cards:

  • Inadequacy of e-cards

Ross does not offer mobile gift cards or e-gift cards. Shipping charges will apply if you send a physical gift certificate to yourself or the gift recipient.

  • Un-reloadable gift cards

Reloadable cards make it easier to keep them around as you don’t have the obligation to buy new ones every time you use up your balance. Ross does not offer reloadable gift card so you cannot reload it once you have used all of the balance.

  • Stolen cards cannot be compensated

To replace a gift card that has been lost or stolen, only the original receipt is valid. It will be difficult to sell or gift a Ross gift certificate if you don’t have the original receipt.

  • Unsimple Terms and Conditions

The company’s website is not very detailed so you might have difficulty understanding the terms and conditions of retrieving or reloading gift cards.