Amazing Style Tips For Plus Size Women

This is not a “wear this, but not that” post. We believe you can wear what you like. If you feel stuck in style, gained weight recently, or are unsure how to vintage tops for your body, then we have some great style tips for you. We also offer advice on finding plus-size clothes that fit you well.

Accept your body

Being comfortable with sexy tops your body and accepting it is what you have will make a huge difference in your self-confidence and personal style.

No matter how big or small you are, everyone has body issues. It’s okay to have bad days. But, accepting your body and all its imperfections and positive assets will help you make better style choices that improve your mood and boost your confidence.

Accept your stomach/thighs

Plus-sized women are often told to cover their bodies with slender clothes. This is not a good idea. You don’t have to hide the areas that you are self-conscious about. Wearing baggy clothes can help you look more toned.

Instead, take the time to determine your body’s shape and then style your body with clothes that flatter it.

For inspiration, find influencers who are similar to your shape

You can find so many inspiring women sharing their daily style and outfits via Instagram, blogs, or Youtube. You can inspire confidence by finding influencers who have a similar body to yours and show you what is possible with your shape.

There are no rules. But it is always a good idea to have someone to turn to for inspiration when you need it.

Do not just cover up

For plus-size women who lack confidence in their fashion, baggy t-shirts or leggings are the best option.

You don’t have to wear boring clothes like leggings. But you won’t feel fashionable or creative in your style.

It’s unlikely that you’ll go from body-con to leggings in one day. So take it slow and slowly try different styles. As a way to ease your way into different styles, a v neckline top is a good option.

Get to know your fabrics

A polyester tank top will not flatter you as well as a cotton-elastane blend, which is a flexible and well-fitting fabric.

Knowing the fabric composition will allow you to choose better-fitting clothes online and in-store.

Know your silhouette

Fashion and style are not defined. However, it is helpful to know the science behind which shapes flatter certain body shapes.

Empire line dresses, for example, look great on pear-shaped women with smaller waists or larger thighs. However, empire lines should be avoided if your body is apple-shaped as the fit around the waist can give off maternity vibes.

Strategically accessorize

Accessories are powerful and should not be underestimated. Accessorize your basic t-shirt with accessories, such as a belt, necklace, or mega earrings to add a WOW factor.

Recognize Vintage

Vintage clothing has many wonderful qualities. Vintage clothing and accessories are unique in so many ways.

What tops can you wear with leggings for plus sizes?

Many people love leggings. They are comfortable, easy to wear, and can be doubled up as shapewear if you choose the right pair. You may live in your leggings, or you might just be looking to update your style with a new top.

Leggings can be worn as tights under a elegant tops. This is a great fashion hack for winter, especially if you don’t have thick wooly tights or thermals. A tunic or tunic will make a plus size tops outfit complete. You can also wear your leggings as trousers for a casual look, or as activewear.

The Best Leggings

While we love a bargain, it’s not the best thing for us to have to pull out the needle and thread every few weeks to repair holes in our leggings because they’re worn out.

Let’s face it, those leggings were thrown out and you purchased a new pair. No sewing machine required.

Choose durable fabrics and well-made styles. These fabrics will provide you with great support and are less likely to roll down. They will also fit well, so you can avoid the horrible camel toe.

For plus-size women, high waisted leggings make us feel confident and supported. Obligate ponte leggings are our favorite, as well as jeggings and yoga pants, or the newest faux leather leggings.

Check out our top picks for tops that you can wear with leggings if you are a plus size.

A Bralette

Leggings and bralettes are a great style for working out. They can be worn at the park, in yoga classes, or at the gym. Many bralettes and active wear crop tops can be breathable and sweat-wicking. This means they draw moisture away from the body and dry quickly so you don’t get too hot.

A Tunic

A tunic is a great choice when choosing tops to wear with plus-size leggings. A tunic should fall below your waistline, or mid-thigh. This is better than a top that reaches the highest part of your body. For a chic and effortless look, choose a block color.

A Denim Jacket

For a casual look, wear your favorite denim jacket with a white tee and leggings.

A Plaid Shirt

You get bonus points if your shirt matches your leggings. For example, if you are wearing black leggings choose a black and a white plaid shirt.

A long cardigan is a must.

You can dress up your leggings with a layered cardigan and your favorite pair knee-high boots. This outfit is great for casual coffee dates with friends, or work from home. This outfit is great for mixing different lengths, and it’s super comfy too.

An Oversized Sweater

A cute sweater is another great way to layer leggings. For a layering style, we recommend a longline shirt. This look is super comfortable and chic, making it a great choice when you travel.