The Best Way To Stretch Out Your Dancewear in a Few Simple Steps

Your dance attire must fit well for specific reasons. Wearing something too large could impede movement while dancing; your instructor might require keeping an eye on how the clothing lines up on your body to provide accurate feedback and advice.

Like with any clothing item, your trousers might not stretch as freely when worn and could make you feel uncomfortably. Take your time; allow for adjustment period.

Over time, you should become more comfortable wearing dance clothing. There are various approaches you can take that will expedite this process of wearing leggings, jeans, tights and other stretcher-clothing. When stretching skirts beyond their limits they could even tear.

Therefore, it’s advisable to find alternatives for clothing that is unfitting in terms of fit and stretchability, whether that means too large or too small of sizes; finding something more suitable will likely be much more successful in these instances. A size appropriate clothing option would likely work wonders here.

Following are a few suggestions to assist with stretching out your new dancewear:

Start by selecting which portion of a garment you wish to expand (length and width stretch may both be needed), moving around inside with it while exerting pressure on stretching areas, applying slight tension while doing squatting exercises or arm circles can achieve results on hips of jazz pants or shoulders of leotards, respectively.

Similar to wearing shorts that fit perfectly, certain stretches for your glutes may also be required to create the ideal fit. While watching television or at the gym, try sticking your butt in and stretching using hip circles despite any uncomfortable feelings you might be experiencing.

Dampen the fabric with some lukewarm water for optimal fabric stretch, especially if step 2 fails. Wet clothes may not always slide on smoothly when damp; therefore it may be beneficial to take a shower while wearing your leotard and hair products that could leave behind stains are applied directly onto it.

Repeat step 2, trying to stretch any tight areas in your fabric. Allow garments to air-dry between wearing them if the temperature allows it.

If the steps 3 and 4 fail to have any impact, however it usually does in most cases, sleeping wearing your dance attire may help your body shape further by trapping in heat from your body and helping stretch fabric stretch more freely.

If nothing else is working for your leotards, this technique may be your last resort. Carefully cutting along the lines near seams on both sides will create cuts small or large for maximum effect if nothing else does. Please note this only works on leotards with thick fabric linings.

Stretched dancewear should never be dried with an iron. When washing it off using an appliance that combines washing and dryer functions, its natural drying should take place naturally.

Try these easy tips to stretch out your dance clothes and enjoy dancing comfortably and happily! Let us know which tip worked best for you and let us know which was successful for you. We want to hear what was your favorite tip.