Tips to Keep Your Beauty Products Safe and Clean

While the mayonnaise jar has a label that tells you to keep it in the fridge after opening, your beauty products aren’t. Inexperience regarding what to do with your products could reduce their shelf-life and also make them unsuitable to use. After all, your skin is at risk.

Today, we are all aware about cosmetics — sharing isn’t caring! But is this the only rule that you need to adhere to? No, definitely not. So, we’re here to provide you with a couple of tips on how to keep your skincare clean.

A bathroom sink is not a must.

You can store your cosmetics close to the shower may appear easy, but it’s actually not the best idea. The steam that comes from your shower could cause certain cosmetics to produce mold. Even makeup application tools such as sponges and brushes are best stored in a different place to avoid the growth of bacteria on them.

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Be sure to keep them away from direct sunlight

Sunlight can damage our skin; the sun’s heat can also make your products to age more rapidly. The active ingredients in skincare products can disintegrate in the heat of the sun, and eventually become useless. Nail polishes that have been exposed to sunlight can change colour. Hence it is best to keep them in an area that is cool and dark.

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Make room in the fridge

As heat can decrease the shelf life of items and cool temperatures may prolong their shelf life however that doesn’t mean you are able to utilize them beyond the expiry date. Also, it doesn’t mean that you can transform your fridge into a makeup kit. Keep cosmetics that have retinol and vitamin C, creams for under-eyes sheets, sheet masks, and bottle of nail polish in your refrigerator

Change applicators often

What was the last time that you changed your makeup sponge? If you’re not able to remember that, it’s time to replace it. Whatever frequency you use your makeup sponges it’s best to change them every three to four months.


Close the lid securely

How many of us think about closing the lid securely after using? The bacteria and germs can pass through even the smallest of gaps. To ensure that your cosmetics stay fresh and your skin is healthy, it’s essential to seal the product properly after use.

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