The Original Yellow Raincoat

Guy Cotten made the iconic Rosbras Jacket in France, the traditional Breton yellow raincoat.

  • Kimono for women, unisex.
  • Magic hood that tracks your head movements

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The history of Breton fishermen is the source of the yellow raincoat. The yellow raincoat protects and keeps the sailor dry and warm. First raincoats were difficult to use, made from oil-coated cotton cloth that was heavy, uncomfortable, and poor quality. But then, Guy Cotten… In 1964, Guy Cotten settles in Concarneau, Brittany, and starts his own fishing clothing workshop. He creates the Rosbras in 1966 as a tribute to Rosbras-Brigneau’s sailing school. It is a lightweight, durable, and practical jacket that has double Velcro and quickly became the standard for fishing jackets.

It would last three times longer than other jackets and provide incredible comfort. This is why it was eventually embraced by people beyond its traditional fishing context in Brittany, and soon thereafter in the rest of the world.

The yellow fishing coat quickly became an iconic, number one raincoat reference. By the end of the 60s it was a fashion icon that would last into the 70s.

High fashion and ready-to-wear continue to reinterpret the design by playing with colors and materials, such as Yves Saint Laurent and Mary Quant, Pierre Cardin and Courreges, Thierry Murgler, Jean-Paul Gaultier, and Courreges.

Guy Cotten’s authentic yellow raincoat will be a versatile, functional and timeless piece in your wardrobe, woman or man.

14 Tips for Wearing a Yellow Raincoat: The Best

What do you wear when it rains? Consider wearing a yellow raincoat over an umbrella. While the raincoat is able to protect you from the elements, it can do so much more. These days, yellow raincoats can look great with any outfit. This blog post will show you how to style a yellow raincoat. Let’s take a look at them.

Yellow Raincoat with Navy and white Striped Tee & Boots

A yellow and navy combination is a beautiful one, so it’s logical to pair the yellow raincoat with a navy and white horizontally striped t shirt. Wear skinny jeans with black knee-high rain pumps to pair them. This outfit is beautiful and functional for rainy days.

A white vest top, skinny jeans and a yellow raincoat can be worn as a casual outfit. This outfit has one problem. Unlike the previous, you won’t want to remove the raincoat. The vest top and skinny jeans look can be too casual.

Wear the yellow raincoat with a mini dress in navy and white polka dots. Add brown oxfords to complete the look. The raincoat looks almost like a yellow jacket. You might also like to read our blog post about oxford shoe outfit ideas.

How to wear a yellow raincoat

Recently, I moved to Seattle. I’m now experiencing Seattle winters with all the rain. I was able to style my yellow raincoat and pull it out at the right time. My Hunter current Boots are also very useful.

When it is all rainy and miserable, I try to look cute. Forever21’s yellow raincoat is one of my favorite finds. Blair paired her yellow raincoat with stripes. I was lucky to have the weather cooperated last time I wore this jacket.