Vans Roller Skates

You can make your own Vans tennis shoes vans roller skates from an old pair. The old school high-tops are my favorite because they provide good ankle support and they don’t have any bitchin.

These vans roller skates  were $25 on Craigslist. They were a size 10, and I am a 11.5 so they couldn’t be used. They will be sold on craigslist at the price I paid. It is cheaper to buy used vans skates than to purchase all of the parts online. The plates, 8 wheels, and 16 bearings are required. This can get quite expensive. To make them even better, I’ll probably purchase some Sims Snakes 72-mm wheels.

Take off the insole, and remove the ssbbw base plates from each skate. It is possible to remove one skate at a time, so that you can reference the old skate when drilling your Vans.

Grab the insole and pull it out. For a more comfortable ride, the bolts should be located under the insole. Also, take off the laces.

Place the plate on your Vans’ bottom and align them correctly. The back of my plate was placed almost at the bottom of the heel. Because my plates were size 10, and my shoes 11.5, the front didn’t make it all the way to the shoe’s front. While drilling the holes in the heel and holding the plates in place, I used a clamp. The bolts were then installed without the clamp. To align the holes with the drill, I had to take off the wheels. Another option is to remove the trucks to access the holes.

Once you have drilled the holes, attach the plates to your trucks and wheels. After that, install the insoles and lace the shoes. Now you’re ready for skating!

Vans roller skates kit

A friend gifted me a pair Vans Sk8 Hi’s in white that had been worn only a few times. I decided it was the perfect time to make my own skates. I have seen many people online skate in DIY Vans rollerskates, and I was also interested in the idea of building my own.

Roller Girl Gang has everything you need to build your skates. Or you can make some from what you have.

These are the things you will need

  • Vans
  • Insoles made of aluminium
  • Plates and trucks
  • Bearings and wheels
  • Nuts and bolts
  • Toestops

Tools (I used an electric drill, jigsaw and a jigsaw). Clamps, allen keys, spanners, and metal files are all useful tools.

How to make vans roller skates


High-quality leather or suede is preferred. You want to be able to skate well in a boot that liquid chris provides the right support and durability. Van’s Sk8 hi’s are our favorite skate boot. They provide excellent support for ramp skating, and have proven to be very durable. To accommodate the Aluminium insole, we recommend that you go 1/2 size larger.

Aluminum Strengthening Insole

Cut to size for your boot insole, 2-3mm insole The insole provides support for the boot and allows you mount the plate. Most likely, they are sold in sheets. You can also order insoles online if you’re looking to save time or energy.

Comfort Innersole:

For comfort and protection, get a new innersole made of a different material. Get something that offers good support for long rides.


We love the SureGrip Avanti Magnesium Plates, but there are many other options that work well.

Mens vans roller skates

  • By combining your favourite Vans Roller Skates, we will make you a pair.
  • -Vans Sk8Hi Shoe
  • -Sure-Grip Nylon Rock plates
  • -SureGrip Boardwalk Wheels (Choose Your Favorite Color!)
  • -Sure Grip Qube Teal Bearings
  • To provide support and rigidity for your skating, we will mount an aluminum insole within the shoe.
  • Please select your normal shoe size in the Size Options box to place an order.

We only recommend making a skate with a Nylon plate such as this one for shoe sizes up to Men’s 7.5/ Ladies 9 due to the support capacity. If you need custom Vans roller skate that offers larger sizing beyond Men’s 7.5/ Ladies’ 9 please see our other listing that offers a more rigid Aluminum plate.

Vans roller skates detachable

By combining your favorite Vans Sk8Hi style with a SureGrip Nylon Rock plate and a set SureGrip Outdoor wheels, we will create a pair custom Vans Roller Skates. (The wheels shown in the picture are available while stocks last. If necessary, we will use a similar wheel.

Each Custom Vans Skate comes with a Custom Aluminum Insole. This insole is used to provide rigidity and support. allows you to choose your Vans SK8 Hi style and note your top 2 favorites at checkout. We recommend that you avoid Platform Styles and Comfy Cush. These styles can cause discomfort in the Custom Vans Skate.

Please also note the color choice you made at checkout.

These skates can be made to order! We appreciate your patience as it can take up to 4 weeks for this item to ship.

Vans roller skates for sale

Product description

We will professionally assemble your Roller Skates as you wish. For more information about the options, please read on.

We may be out of certain products. Once all the items are in stock, we will upshorts assemble your skates. Check the product pages to verify stock.


You can ship or bring your shoes to the shop.

Scroll down for more information if you own your shoes. —


These are just some of the options we offer, but there are many more! We’ll help you find the right set for you if you can’t find it here.

You can bring your plates or send them if you already have them. You can find more information about this below.


Although they aren’t mandatory, you will love using them in the skatepark and with the coping. The most popular are the CIB slideblocks. Sure Grip offers specific sliders to fit onto their Avanti or Avenger plates.