The “Liquid Chris” Saga was not as innocent

Unpopular opinion: The Liquid Chris Saga was not as innocent

While I do love the Liquid Chris Saga, and it is up there with my favorite period in Christory, the people who say the Liquid Chris Saga was harmless fun and nothing bad resulted from it, I disagree.


Liquid chris doxxed himself multiple times to prove that he was Christian Weston Chandler. This in turn led to a flood of prank calls, prank deliveries and the Chandlers were close to being expelled from their home because of their hoarding. After Bob finally got some balls, Chris was at his most upset and distraught.

Liquid Chris were Fighting

Here is where Chris began to develop a strange codependent relationship with the trolling – almost like Chris and Liquid Chris were fighting for ownership of the trolling trolls. Chris knew that the only company he had was the trolls. Chris thanked the trolls, expressing gratitude for the evidence that he was the true Chris. This information had been ruining Chris’ life for three years. Chris seemed to be on the verge of turning Red Blouse the corner and learning to ignore the trolling, but then the Liquid Chris Saga ruined it. It was really hard to watch Chris thank the people who had been ruining him up until now. This was the moment that made me realize that this story will never end in a happy way.

It brought us Kacey, the worst troll in Christory. Although people love to call BlueSpike or the Idea Guys the worst trolls in Christory, they were still entertaining in a “can’t watch but can’t see” kind of way. Kacey was simply mean, but not creative or funny, and she was just plain boring. She kind of bounced between the two sides of the fence. For example, she persuaded Chris to apply for a job, then she criticized him for small reasons as he told her about the interview. It was confusing.