What is a Pocket Square?

A pocket square is a square of cloth made from cotton, linen or silk that is worn in the left-hand pocket of a suit. Pocket squares can be folded in many ways and are often used as part of formal outfits. You can customize your outfit with this fashion accessory in a variety of colors and patterns.

Pocket Square vs. Pocket Square vs.

Pocket squares can be used in place of handkerchiefs. The handkerchief (or hanky) is more practical. These pocket squares of cotton are folded and kept in an inner breast pocket. They can be used to blow your nose, wipe your face and hands. The pocket squares are fashionable accessories that can be paired with a suit or tuxedo.

How to wear a pocket square?

Pocket squares are appropriate for formal events such as weddings and galas. Solid color pocket squares like off-white or white are best for black tuxedos. You can pair patterned pocket squares and suits with different folds like the puff fold. For a casual look, you can pair a pocket square with your sports coat depending on the dress code.

How to style a pocket square?

This pocket square guide will help you add style to your suit, sports jacket, or blazer.

  1. Pocket squares: Should be used to complement and not compete with other accessories. Although it may seem tempting to match your bow tie or necktie to your pocket square with your other outfit, this accessory compliments your outfit and adds a splash of color. You can add a pocket square with a different color polka dots to your navy blue suit or tie. If you have a patterned suit that is colorful or patterned, you can wear a white pocketsquare with a plain shirt.
  2. The presidential fold is simple. The classic pocket square fold is the presidential. The pocket square should be placed on a flat surface. Fold it in half vertically and then fold it again in the same manner. Fold it horizontally again and place it into your suit pocket. Only a small amount of the square’s folded top should be visible, so it will stay flat in your pocket. The Presidential Pocket Square looks like a thin horizontal strip.
  3. The one-point fold is a good option. Another classic, simple fold is the one-point fold. Fold the cloth in half along the diagonal. Next, take the bottom left- and right-hand sides of the triangle and fold them inward. Only the pointed top of your jacket should be visible once it is in place.
  4. Black and white can be combined. For formal wear, such as tuxedos, a white silk pocket handkerchief can be tucked into your suit jacket.
  5. Be creative with your folds. Pocket squares are fun because you can customize the fold to suit your needs. There are many ways to fold the square fabric into pocket squares. Make your own unique folds to embellish your outfit.
  6. Choose a seasonal fabric. In the fall and winter, you might want to choose a lighter, silkier pocket square. For the summer and spring, choose a linen or cotton pocket square.